Choosing Meaningful Rewards For Employees

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Are you an employer who values his employees? If your workers have been delivering exceptional services, how do you motivate them? By offering them meaningful rewards, right? However, if you don’t know which rewards are meaningful for your employees, your rewards can decrease their motivation. Choosing preeminent gifts is very complicated than many employers think. Rewards must have an extensive engagement effect. After being the most dedicated employee, Yusuf nominates Mary as an employee of the 2018 year. Instead of working extra hard, Mary is now less concerned with her work. Yusuf, her manager, is now frustrated and wonders what happened.

You know what demoralize Mary? If yes, don’t repeat the same mistake. As a good employer, research the most thoughtful corporate gifts your workers will atually like. You can, therefore, award them with experiences that they can relate with for the longest time possible. This reward can be simple for you as an employer. Nevertheless, it can be fascinating for your employees.

Importance Of Rewarding Employees With Experiences

Experiential rewards empower top workers to explore different adventures. The gifts can involve working on what they enjoy doing and exploring their passions. This kind of motivation is meaningful and can improve engagement.

Experiential Gifts Are Personal

Every employee chooses what they want to do. If Mary was given a chance by her employer to pick her reward, she could select an award which was relevant to what she needs. This reward could have motivated her to perform better in 2019. Some employers offer gifts like cash, gift cards, and nominations. These rewards are good, but they lack personalization. Do you think any employee will remember them after one or two months? This leads us to our second point.

Choose Experiential Rewards As They Are Memorable

When workers choose what they want as motivation, they will tend to do it to their level best. As a result, they will work harder in the following years to get the same or better reward. The reason is that they will associate the best memories of what they experienced with their productivity at your enterprise. Mary would be working harder in Yusuf’s company if her gift was a memorable experience.

Experiential Rewards Are Shareable

As an employer, you should recognize employees’ good work with awards that can inspire them. The more employees feel comfortable when sharing their experiences with co-workers, the better their productivity at work. Don’t you think everyone will have the morale to work harder when sharing good memories at work?

Offering personalized, memorable and shareable rewards to your employees is very exciting. The experiences they get motivate them to contribute more to the company. Do you think you can compare the productivity of employees given a chance to discover something new about themselves and those awarded with gift cards?

Bottom Line

Those awarded with experiences will ensure the company’s success as they work hard for more rewards in the future. The experiences can vary from learning how to cook from an experienced chef to joining music classes. Employees can be given opportunities to explore their various hobbies, and this can be very motivating to work harder in the company.

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