Get High-end Dedicated Server at Low Price in India

When you are going to buy a product or service you usually use a series of criteria to choose the best alternative that meets your needs. Well, dedicated serveris a unique product like no other in terms of price and performance.

Therefore, it is also important to have a good set of criteria that allow you to choose the best plans with high-end dedicated server that adapts and meets each of your needs.

Below, we will show you some criteria when you searchfor good dedicated web hosting server plan:

#1 Guaranteed Uptime

For those who are not very familiar with the terminology of web hosting plans, the uptime of a dedicated server means how long during the day it is working. So that the web pages stored on it are accessible by users.

Less than a decade ago the uptime of a dedicated server was not ideal. However, in recent years, this measure has been improving steadily to the point that some companies guarantee more than 90% of the time on the air. As it is hardly obvious, you should choose dedicated server India that guarantee you higher percentages of uptime. This will guarantee that your website will be functional longer. The ideal uptime is no less than 99.99%

#2 Latest Generation Hardware on the Dedicated Server

The concept of dedicated server is associated with an advanced computer equipment and with cutting-edge technology. However, many web hosting companies use a dedicated server with obsolete technology without their customers knowing.

Therefore, you have to make sure that the web hosting plan uses not only a dedicated server, but also uses cutting-edge technology to ensure shorter response times for the web pages it stores.

#3 Fair Prices on Web Hosting Plans

Almost everyone likes to get services at good prices. However, and there are also people who try to find a bargain in the market. In case of dedicated server, this is not the best way to act, it is much wiser to choose plans and companies with fair prices over those that have the lowest prices.

Dedicated servers are the most requested when you have sites with high visits or resource consumption, since they have better performance for applications or web pages. Companies that offer ridiculously cheap price for its dedicated server tends to arise problems in the long run. It can be a significant amount of downtime, poor support, and more.

#4 Fulfill Standard Technical Requirements

Even among the recommended dedicated servers there may be variations and not only in prices, but also in everything related to processor types, memory, traffic capacity, etc. That is why there are a number of criteria that must be assessed before deciding.

Let’s see some of top features HostingRaja offer on their dedicated server hosting:-

  • Control panel: since it is the means to manage and direct the site, it is essential that it be simple and intuitive, especially if we are going to be responsible for the entire operation of the website.
  • Speed: assuming that a dedicated server is chosen because the best features are needed, speed is critical. A page that takes hours to load is the best way to scare away visitors.
  • Technical support: the possibility of failures is there and can be a serious problem, especially if we talk about an online store. Having permanent monitoring and good technical service is essential. If the server does not offer enough confidence it is best not to risk, it can end up paying very expensive.
  • Free Dedicated – Backup & Restore: Some high-end provider like HostingRaja includes this feature for its customer convenience. Therefore, it will secure your project better even when there is possible loss occur. You can ask for this feature on their chat support for more information.

There are other aspects that should be assessed, but these four are fundamental. Do not forget that choosing a bad dedicated server for your website can make you lose your customer.

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