What are the greatest video game consoles?

Before you can start with a new console generation using an Xbox series X and Playstation 5. You have to know the most effective and useful machines through the years of gaming. After you have known you can choose the gaming consoles at The Good Guys as they have an amazing offer to you.


It is made available through a business model which was developed by Electronic Arts which. It is licensed to use third-party manufacturers like Panasonic and Sanyo. In which later on develop their own. Although this type of approach makes everything expensive after you have compared it to other consoles. They have amazing titles that include strategy shooters, return fire, and the need for speed.

Atari Jaguar

Atari Jaguar is a veteran company that has made their final console which depends on two silicon chipsets and a Motorola processor. People say that it is hard to code for broad games and it is expensive. This made excellent shooters Alien vs Predator, Doom, and Tempest 2000 which leaves an interesting story.

Sega Master System

Sega developed attempts to transfer the arcade to the main console which later on was a success. It is because of its color palette and is stronger than Nintendo Entertainment System. This eight-bit machine made a successful arcade transfer. Although the best thing to remember is the scrolling platformers. These are Wonder Boy, Psycho Fox, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Nintendo GameCube

Aside from the physical design and technical power of the Xbox and PS2 using the internet and DVD. The GameCube looks like a giant Lego brick that has been handled. Its processor IBM PowerPC is inadequate when you compare it to Microsoft’s machine. Although Nintendo wanted to enjoy and have fun they made an easy and cheap price to develop.

PlayStation 3

Playstation 3 is having a problem and delays developing a cell processor that has a Blu-ray drive. This is an online multiplayer service that has a free subscription. Although it’s lower than Xbox 360 it offers and develops to work on different synergistic processing units. And this is where they made a cinematic gaming experience that people used to play.

Nintendo 64

It is made with supercomputer specialist Silicon Graphics Inc. The N64 was the opposite beast that follows the charts rather than including CD-ROMs. Although they made an analog joystick that develops a 3D movement. And this brought Super Mario 64 the game of the year but they saw other consoles that are classic. These are the Banjo-Kazooie, GoldenEye, and Wave Race 64.

Xbox One

The Xbox One was built on a PC compared to the traditional console. It has a multi-core AMD processor, 4K video, HDR compatibility, game streaming, and cloud storage. This machine was about to age that is why they made the S and X models increase their specs. Because of its version they made hit games such as Assassin’s Creed Origins, Fallout 4, and Witcher 3.

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