What Are the Advantages of Using Eco-Friendly Wholesale Retail Bags

There is an enormous risk involved in being exposed to the environment via fossil fuel emissions, CFC’s, and chemical wastes. Looking at this, environment-friendly organizations throughout the world are trying hard to market eco-friendly products and services for the modern lifestyle.

One of the effective and proven ways to preserve environment is introduction of eco-friendly bags for shopping. Besides being economical, light in weight, comfortable and durable, there are several more advantages to using these environment friendly shopping bags.

People and companies around the world have been switching to ecofriendly alternatives in the last few years. These bags come in a wide range of styles, colors, and price points. They are generally 100 percent biodegradable. Because they have a large surface area, many people use them to promote their businesses. Reusing shopping bags can reduce the pollution by approximately 27 percent. While they are more expensive than plastic bags, they can still be a great way to promote your company and help you stay in the public eye for many years. These bags are cost-effective and can be used for many years.

It is a growing industry to use promotional bags. There are hundreds of design options available online. Many suppliers can provide a complete range right at home. These sellers offer detailed information on their sites and large discounts if you place a large order. Each bag can have your company details imprinted. You can also choose the colors or designs to fit your advertising budget.

What are the problems associated with disposable plastic bags?

Many people in the US have realized the growing requirement to choose eco-friendly bags in place of disposable bags for shopping. Following are the drawbacks of disposable plastic bags over eco-friendly bags.

  • The first problem with disposable bags is that these bags don’t decompose so easily. It becomes a portion of litter for several years once they are thrown away.
  • The second problem is that when they are dumped in water sources, they form tiny toxins that go deep inside the soil. This puts marine life at a great risk. Many of the marine habitat and animals die by injecting these toxins.

Custom reusable bags by CustomEarth make it easy to advertise a brand in a budget-friendly and eco-friendly way while also improving brand’s recognition and awareness. These reusable bags come in different styles, shape, size and design to meet the needs of people in the best possible way.

What makes eco-friendly reusable bags advantageous than plastic bags?

With environment friendly bags, you need not be worried about their impact on nature. These bags are safe on the environment and do no harm to it. As opposed to conventional plastic disposable bags, eco-friendly bags are available in huge varieties to choose from. Some of them being laminated, organic, and insulated. Available in beautiful designs printed on the bags, it ensures that they appear great when shopping for groceries.

When seen in a long-term context, you would find that these bags save a lot of money too. The durable material from which these bags are made lasts for a long time. This makes it economical.

The strength of eco-friendly bags is more than that of a plastic bag. These reusable bags have the ability to carry heavy household items which otherwise can break a plastic bag.

How reusable bags aids in promotion of the services of a business?

Promotional bags are not beneficial to just environment. They work well for the effective publicity of the business. Wholesale marketing bags offer benefits when included in passive advertising campaigns.

Many retail stores choose these bags as “promotional merchandise” for customers who come to shop at their stores. On these bags, all the business details are mentioned as you can Print On All Sides of Our Full Color Printed Bags . Thus, these bags act as walking billboards for a business. This assist in producing loads of brand impressions in every year.


Since the introduction of these disposable shopping bags, they have been an immediate success. All these advantages make these plastic shopping bags as an easy choice for most of the shoppers.

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