Keep your home safe with smart technology

Back in the day burglar alarms, deadlocks and a dog were the only ways to keep burglars out of your home. But nowadays, thanks to smart technology, it is a lot easier to keep your home and your family safe. Smart technology is affordable for most of us and is way more effective than traditional home security options. You don’t need an expert to install it and you can easily manage all your security systems on your smartphone. Do you want to keep your home safe with smart technology? Here are three of the best ways to make it happen.

Install a video doorbell

Smart video doorbells are an easy and affordable way to keep your home safe. The security camera of a video doorbell lets you monitor your home from a distance via an application on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Most devices send an alert when someone approaches your house. You can even communicate with the visitor through the app. Most burglars are camera-shy and will definitely think twice before they approach your home.

Smart home security systems

A video doorbell is a lot of fun, but a smart home security system is the real deal. A home security system is a group of electronic components that are connected with each other to protect your home. Most of the smart home security systems include security cameras, motion sensors, window and door sensors and a keypad. Some systems even have more ways to protect your house with a siren, key fob, panic button, yard sign and smoke and CO detectors. These days smart camera’s are capable of recording high-quality images and are weather resistant.

To set up and manage surveillance devices you can use the Synology surveillance station license. A surveillance station is a perfect way to protect your home.

Extra safe with smart locks

Another way to use smart technology to protect your home is by installing smart locks. Smart locks are keyless door locks. You can connect a smart lock to your home Wi-Fi. This connection gives you the possibility to activate the lock remotely. You can prevent unwanted visitors from entering the building or give people access to your home from a distance. If you expect the delivery of an important package you can open the door for the deliveryman while you’re not even at home. A smart lock gives you also the possibility to open the door without keys as most models let you use your smartphone or voice to open the door.

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