Washington State Marijuana Laws and History (Retail)

If you plan on specifically operating a recreational or even a medicinal cannabis-based business in the state of Washington, it can be pretty rough, tough, and seemingly daunting it you don’t really know what you’re doing or have someone who really knows the laws behind everything by your side every step of the way. Any small business requires, of course, a level of expertise and expertness, but a ganja retailer is quite different in the way that regulations of every area differ across the United States of America (although it is mostly illegal or only legal to a medical patient degree overall).

Without a legally enforced agreement, even a well-to-know professional from another county or state may require some additional and/or different knowledge about the laws in other states and even other counties, and then even once they get a feel of one state’s laws, they can suddenly change at any given point in time. Today we will discuss everything that you should and will be required to know to run a safe and legal cannabis sector in the great state of Washington, and the state’s cannabis laws concerning this themselves. Another thing that is good to keep in mind is that medical marijuana has been legal in the state of washington since 1998. the state approved recreational use in 2012. Initiative 692 initially enacted medicinal and has been continually revised since.


In 2012, Initiative 502 began the legalization of recreational marijuana. Since that point, regulations have continually evolved both of the two programs. Medical marijuana patients must enroll through the Washington State Department of Health. The different possible license types are marijuana research, cooperatives registration, retailer, processor, producer, and transportation. Knowing which license type you need can be researched into inside of the giant world wide web. Applications for said licenses are now available online on the LCB’s website, although at this time they are not currently allowing applicants for retailers, producers, and processors until further notice. The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board handles the management for all licenses for both medical and also recreational businesses. Each application procedure, alongside any applicable supporting documentation and/or fees, is described in detail on the website.


Applications for a license cost $250.00 (non-refundable) and then there is also a $1480.00 issuance/renewal fee if and then when you are approved. Also, there is a charge when you change information on your license (such as location). There is other licensing fees that will incur as well, such as licensing fees associated with normal retail outlets. The main point is thought that you will need at least a co-op license to be able to legally distribute cannabis in WA.

Now say you were in desire of hosting a cannabis-oriented event. What kind of information should you know? Well, each city differs with the requirements, so you will have to get with local legislators on what requirements to are to be met, if any. There aren’t any statewide rules in this area of topic.

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