5 benefits of being a remote CX agent

With the Pandemic hitting industries at large across the globe, companies and businesses had to move to the remote setup of working. More than 70% of companies have now enabled home offices for employees because of the covid-19 outbreak. People work from the comfort of their homes while the companies can assure a remote environment to pave the way for a better cx delivery through the remote workforce.

From agents working from home full time with their companies to a two-fold jump in the demand for remote pre-trained agents, the cx delivery from a remote environment has become easier than before. In this ecosystem exist modern marketplaces like VOIZ that give you access to a pool of amazing remote agents that deliver your business’ cx services in a seamless manner.

A remote cx agent may work as a customer support agent, telesales agent, technical and product support, cross-sell and up-selling, chat support or remote help-desk service agent.

As a remote cx agent one may benefit a lot in terms of having a better quality of life by working at the comfort of homes and managing cx processes via SaaS or integrated software for management. Below are the top 5 benefits of being a remote cx agent for a business offering cx roles:

1. Earn money at the comfort of your home. A very important benefit of being a remote cx agent is that you get to earn easy money from the comfort of your home. However, this is also true that companies that bid for agent teams from marketplaces like VOIZ, can also choose agents based on skills or various CX concerns pertaining to business goals at the moment.

  1. Flexible Timing. You need not be present in a physical workplace at any time as you plan to work remotely for any potential company that matches your skill sets. VOIZ allows you to find such cx jobs and work for top brands across the globe at flexible work timings.
  2. Good Work Life Balance. A great thing about being a remote cx agent is that you can manage a good work life balance. Flexible timings ensure that you have enough me-time amidst all the work.

    4. Multiple Projects. As a remote CX agent you can handle multiple projects at a time. As a part-time jobber you can work for MNCs, startups and other enterprises at the comfort of your home. You can be a support CX agent for one company and a telesales agent for another.

  3. Knowledge. As a remote CX agent working for a business, it is imperative to understand that you have a great opportunity to refine and fine-tune your personal management skills as you handle queries, escalations, billings and data- all remotely! By working on multiple roles as a CX agent, you stand a great chance to consume knowledge and constantly upskill yourself by working on live projects.

The benefits of being a remote cx agent are much higher when compared to working at a physical work-setup. Agents make the best use of their time as they thrive in this environment managing multiple cx processes from opportune markets like VOIZ.

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