How To Fix The Spotify Web Player Not Working Problem?

Spotify is the most well-known music streaming online, which transforms the way individuals enjoy music. With its desktop client, the web player, or mobile app, it’s never been simpler to stream songs. You can do so on all types of devices such as game consoles, computers, smart TVs, car stereos, and set-top boxes. Obviously, the web player is the handiest method; you do not have to install additional packages but just utilize a browser. The problem is that, at times, Spotify Web Player Not Working on Firefox/Chrome/Safari. Such as you cannot sign in, or there’s no response after clicking on the Play button.

Ways To Try For Fixing Spotify Not Loading Online:

Usually, after enabling its settings, the browser ought to be capable of loading the Spotify Web Player without any issues. But we found that a lot of users still complain that the Spotify Web Player does not work at all. It occurs particularly after the new web player version is launched. Well, it could be reasoned by your Firewall settings, internet connections, and Spotify cache, and so on. You can try the solutions given below for the version updated in 2019, which are confirmed to work.

Solution#1: Checking Your Internet Connection

You can attempt to load different other sites. If none of those sites open either, you can reboot the router first and try to load the sites again a few minutes later. Also, make certain you do not make use of any proxy settings. In case the web player still does not work, you ought to call the ISP (Internet Service Provider) for reporting the issue and ask for the solution.

Solution#2: Checking The Firewall & Antivirus Settings

If Spotify Premium Free is the only site that you cannot connect to, then the issue could be narrowed. You can simply check if there’re any Firewalls or Antivirus settings that are blocking this service. We would recommend you to disable the Firewalls and Antivirus on the Mac or Windows first.

Solution#3: Flushing All The DNS Cache

For all the users who are facing this particular issue with the Spotify web player, you’d better flush your DNS caches on the computer. That’ll refresh the DNS so that you can simply enter the Spotify web player with the recently registered domain name. As per users, it might be useful.

  • In your Windows search box, enter Command Prompt > right-click on the best-matched result and click on Run as admin.
  • In the CMD window, enter ipconfig /flushdns > press Enter for running the command.
  • Reboot your PC.

After rebooting the computer, try to load the Spotify web player again on Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, etc.

Solution#4: Updating The Browser

If you have already tried the above solutions but still cannot resolve the problem, there could be something off beam with the version of your browser. Please delete it and then install the most recent version of the browsers Firefox/Chrome/Safari from their official sites.

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