Maximize Your ROI By Following Pro Tips On Facebook Marketing

Facebook which was once a platform that allowed people to connect and communicate is now one of the biggest marketing platforms and still very few of us find success with the same. It is a storehouse of potential customers that advertisers are always looking for.

There are many targeting options on Facebook for every niche market, you can choose from so many ad formats and customize the ad placements as well. It is an ideal marketplace for every business objective of yours.

Even though there are so many flexible ways to create an ad on Facebook and there are billions of potential customers out there, most of us fail miserably at running a successful ad campaign.

If you have tried everything and are still failing with Facebook ads, get in touch with an expert at Australian Internet Marketing who knows all the strategies that are important for being successful at FaceBook advertising. They will help you in maximizing your ROI from all the successfully running social media ad campaigns.

10 pro tips on Facebook Marketing

  1. Understand your audience and create unique audience lookalikes:
  • Use Facebook data to look into the audience insights and learn what your target market looks like.
  • These are the people who have connected to your business profile in the past.
  • This gives you a general idea about the demographics of people who are likely to click the call-to-action button on your ad.
  • You need to build an ad from here and strategize what offers will be appealing for this set of audiences.
  • You can also create different ad copies for different sets of the target audience.
  • By creating unique segments of lookalike audiences, you increase your chances of running an effective campaign.
  1. Focus on high-quality landing page creation
  • For every ad that runs, you should have a unique landing page too.
  • Focus on the content of the ad only to reinforce it.
  • Directing people on your website or any other broad page will make them lose interest in the products they were looking for.
  • Provide valuable information on the landing page and retain the focus of your audience.
  1. Enhance your ads by using relevant imagery:
  • Always ensure that whatever imagery or visual element you are using is in perfect alignment with your ad’s content.
  • Using videos should be able to create more engaging content.
  • The imagery you use for your ads will produce a positive or negative impact on audience interaction. Hence, use it wisely.
  1. Define your bid strategy:
  • You are already frustrated with the amount of money you have already lost in marketing.
  • So, define the bid strategy in the early phase of running a campaign.
  • Calculate the money you are ready to spend on lead generation according to your total budget.
  • You can also optimize your bid amount and don’t forget to put a cap on the daily budget.
  1. Track your performance by keeping a record of qualitative metrics:
  • Use qualitative metrics as a guide to understanding what is making your campaign grow and what factors are pulling it down.
  • Offer redemption and video views are great metrics that you can use to know where your ad budget is going.
  1. Test the use of different ad creatives:
  • Not every creative that we think can do wonders perform.
  • So, keep testing by using different ad creatives in different categories of your ad copy.
  1. Follow the ads of your successful competitors and take inspiration from there:
  • By studying the parameters that are making your competitors successful will allow you to find new inspirations for your ad.
  • It is a free method to test the impact of ad content on your target audience.
  1. Make the mobile experience a priority:
  • You must always test the preview of an ad on the mobile interface.
  • More than 90% of the Facebook community is active through their mobile phones.
  • So, how the ad appears on the mobile screen is very crucial for increasing audience engagement on your ad.
  1. Ensure that all your ads including video ads have a high-loading speed:
  • It is a no-brainier, a slow-loading ad is often not accessed even if the offer is very compelling.
  1. Use high-performing content and then convert that into an ad:
  • If you have content that is performing well on your Facebook page, boost it and it might drive even more sales.

Use these tips to build your ad campaign and enjoy the benefits provided by this amazing marketing opportunity. Redefine your strategies and help your business reach new heights. If you still feel stuck, you can always partner with an agency that can help you with your campaigns and lead them to success.

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